Chapman Machinery Ltd was founded in 2010.  We are a small but rapidly growing company manufacturing quality equipment for the agricultural, equestrian and horticultural sectors, designed for ease of use, simplicity and robustness, to ensure a long service life and reliability. As a dedicated design and manufacturing Company, we know our products inside-out and hold a huge amount of spares and components to ensure the continued serviceability of any of our machines.

All products are manufactured at our base in Devon, UK, which means we can always ensure our exacting quality standards are exceeded, and ensures that we can respond to any queries or problems extremely quickly. Our dedicated manufacturing team work hard to ensure every machine produced is of the finest quality, and supplied ready to go to work.

Flail Mowers:  The FM Range of ATV Flail Mowers is the perfect tool for the removal of weeds, rushes & bracken; and the general maintenance of fields, paddocks and parkland.

Also ideal for cutting game trails. Heavy duty construction and Honda engines for a long working life.  

Available in 1.2m (4′) and 1.5m (5′) cutting widths

Rotary Mowers:  RM120 and 150 Rotary Mower.    The RM series  Rotary Paddock Topper is the ideal machine for maintenance of fields and paddocks, as well as large gardens and parkland.

Simple to use yet robust, the swinging tipped blades give a clean cut yet can rotate out of the way if an object is encountered to prevent damage to the machine on rough paddocks.

Proudly manufactured in the UK for the highest product quality and sales support.   Available in 1.2m (4′) and 1.5m (5′) cutting widths

Trailed Livestock feeder:  TF350 Livestock Feeder / Sheep Snacker is the perfect tool for feeding sheep, cattle and other livestock in a easy and effective manner, behind an ATV, UTV, 4×4.   300kg capacity spaced drop sheep / cattle feeder.  Electric operation and digital counter.  Fully galvanised, robust construction.

The TF350 trailed sheep feeder by Chapman Machinery is designed to be exceptionally strong, yet lightweight enough for use in wet, wintery conditions. Steel, fully galvanised chassis and hopper are extremely heavy duty, yet light to tow. Steel will not fade, become brittle and crack as plastic hoppers can! Conventional drum-operated machines suffer from low ground clearance – the TF350 has a minimum 300mm ground clearance, and when combined with the steel ‘belly pan’ means the TF350 can go anywhere the towing vehicle can go.

W240 Weed Wiper:    The W240 Weed wiper is a simple yet effective weed wiping tool for the selective application of herbicide to reeds, rushes, bracken and thistles etc, on farmland and pastureland.   Available in 2.4m (8′) Working Width.  Mounted 55l tank, pump and hand-lance.   Unique electric drive system eliminates dripping.  Simple IP67 sealed electronic control module supplied as standard

The W240 Weed Wiper features a robust steel construction, with a huge 200mm (8″) diameter carpet roller, simple automated electrical operation, and integrated tank with hand-lance for years of trouble free operation.