Fleming Agri Products have 156 years of manufacturing experience that has spanned over 5 generations of the Fleming family.  

The company is now one of the leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment with a dealer network that covers the British Isles & Ireland, with demand as far afield as Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Fleming machines and dealers are supported through a well stocked spare parts department offering a prompt and efficient service to all their customers.



Models Available:  1.5M (AR5), 2.5M (AR8) & 3M (AR10)

The standard Fleming grassland aerator is available in 1.5m, 2.5m & 3m working widths.  Please note the Spare Parts List for this machine can be found in the Specification section.

Aerating relieves compaction and promotes healthier root system.  Improve growth and quality of grass.  Maximize fertilizer input.  Eliminate slurry run off.  Improve drainage.  Reduces dependency on expensive artificial fertiliser use

Compact Tipping trailers

The Fleming Tipping Trailer range is designed with a strong and sturdy structure which allows for multi-purpose use. The compact Tipping Trailer models include  

Feature of the TR1 include removable sides,   2.5mm Reinforced floor and side chimes fabricated in one piece for extra strength,    Size 1.91m x 1.22m x 0.32m,  reinforced sides and hinge points,  high tip for clean unloading,  structural steel chassis with 23 x 10.50 x 12 tyres as standard on 5 stud axle,  optional mesh sides,   1500kg capacity

Compact Rotivators

TSZLL100 / TSZLL130 & TSZLL150.  The Fleming Sicma Compact Rotivators are designed for small horsepower tractors and for farmers and smallholders who do not have large areas of land which need motivated, the compact Rotivators come in   1m , 1.3m and 1.5m model sizes

Compact Rotivators provide a deep, tilled bed for future planting.  Rotivators have an oil immersed chain drive for longer life.  The Rotivators have a rugged construction for a long life

Fleming Grass Harrow

The Fleming Mounted Grass Harrow Range is compatible with a wide range of horsepower’s which makes Fleming the perfect option for the hobby farmer/gardener or the large agricultural farmer.  There are currently five different sizes in the Fleming Grass Harrow range.  From 2.2M width to 5.25M.

FEATURES INCLUDE  Designed to pull at a 5 degree angle so that the ground is completely covered and tracking does not happen.  Harrows are designed to cover all applications from large farms to small holding and equestrian venues.  Folding is a simple manual operation taking only seconds for one person.

Singe Disc Spreaders

335L (FS300) & 450L (FS500).   The Fleming Sitrex Fertilizer Spreaders are made with the highest quality of materials. They undergo an intense painting process which includes being degrease, then painted with anti-rust, coated with anti-corrosive paint and finally dried at 120 degrees Celsius. This provides the Fleming Sitrex Fertilizer Spreaders with improved durability and a longer life.

Features Spreading disc with 4 fins .  Finished with an epoxy varnish, baked at 120deg for longer life

4 adjustable spinner fins.  Spreaders are treated with rust inhibitor and coated with anti-corrosive paint.  Attachment available for spreading dry salt and sand.

Suitable for compact and small horsepower tractors.  Intense painting process which allows for a longer period of life and durability.  Can be used for spreading rice, wheat, cereals, dry salt and sand