Logic products are renowned for their quality, durability and suitability for the task in hand.  The products are made in the UK using high quality materials giving the customer confidence and assurance of their superior construction and durability. The Agriculture Range for farmers across the UK features Trailers, Mowers, Fertiliser Spreaders, Feeders, Weed Wipers, Sprayers, Stock Feeders, Bowsers, Electro Broadcasters, Seeders, Rollers, Sweepers and Aerators.


Speed Seeder

Precision seeder 915mm (36”) max. Sowing width.  Electronic metering system.  Hardened chisel point openers. 

Sows wide range of seed types.  Standard 50mm swivel tow hitch.  Low ground pressure.  Ideal for patching worn areas

On-Board sprayers

60 litre tank capacity.  Filter basket incorporated into top filling lid.  In-line filter.  Drain plug

Options include:  4.5 litre (OBS640S) or 9 litre (OBS690S) pumps.  High output petrol pump - speak to Logic for advice. 

ATV wiring harness with switch and in-line fuse.  Boom/Hose reel bracket.  Boom widths 1.5 - 3metres, c/w hedgerow nozzle.  OBS107 single broadcast nozzle. 

Hand lance hose reel options (10/15metre).  OBS116 'Y' piece with 2 taps/outlets.  60 litre front tank.  15 litre hand wash tank


If you need to spread slug pellets, re-sow grass or clover seed into an area of grassland, apply some trace elements or spread prilled fertiliser on some bank sides with an ATV, the Logic EBC-TFS Electro Broadcaster is the ideal solution, working accurately, quickly and efficiently

A range of specialist mounted broadcasters, ideal for spreading slug pellets, grass and clover seed, herbicide granules, fertiliser, etc. Slug pellet spread range between 12 - 24 m with TFL/TFS80 motor. Slug pellet spread range 24m+ with TFS120 motor. 

Small seed spread range (e.g. grass) up to 6m with either motor.  Hopper capacity of 85 or 130 litres.  Adjustable bias settings on all models to ensure all product is evenly distributed. 

Ability to reduce motor speed with synchro models to match desired spread widths (i.e. use with grassland harrow, etc.)

Super Harrows

The Super Harrow has special spring tines mounted on a frame. This ensures that the tines are kept in firm contact with the surface at all times, giving superior dead grass removal and soil scarifying action.

Developed by EinbockTM (the Number One brand for agricultural harrows) this technology pioneered organic weeding and plant stimulation methods. The 2.0m width gives good work rates and the tine settings are adjustable to cope with different conditions and for easy transport.

A 12v electric ram lifts the tines from the ground, allowing trash to be easily cleared, rapid transport between sites and enabling the Super Harrow to be reversed into awkward corners.

Rotary Mower/Topper

The Logic TRM trailed rotary mower is a superb machine for the regular mowing/topping of larger areas of grassland such as paddocks, orchards, driveways, outer lawn areas, etc.

Triple cutting blades and a cutting height adjustment ranging from 20mm - 160mm are the main product features but it is always worth mentioning the low ground pressure ability of these machines when used with an ATV as the towing vehicle.

The TRM150, 1.5 metre model is best suited for topping larger areas of even ground whereas the TRM120, 1.2 metre model is a more appropriate choice for use on rougher, more uneven ground.

For more information on the choice of mowers please see the link to the video on "Mower choice" which also considers features and benefits of the flail mower range.