The McCormick Tractors Product range offer power, innovation, economy and superb value for money.  With a wide choice of models ranging from 43hp on the X2 Series right up to 310hp on our range-topping X8 Series, whether your business is farming, contracting, in the amenity/municipal sector or you are just a smallholder, there’s a McCormick tractor that’s perfect for the job in hand.

The McCormick brand has throughout its entire history always stood for quality, innovative products with the emphasis on being a powerful workhorse that gets the job done in even the most demanding of conditions.

X2 Series:    The X2 Series replaces the GM range with a modern, agile and compact solution. On show will be a footstep version whilst a cabbed version will also be available. This new tractor series shares some of the common design and styling elements of the hood and roof designs from others in the range, which continues on with the modern family look of McCormick. The X2 Series comes in standard configuration and a new “GE” configuration (footstep only) where the rear final drives and platform have been carefully re-designed to achieve a platform height which is 95 mm lower than the GM. The result ensures improved performance where height and width constraints exist, such as awning vineyards or greenhouses. Dimensions become extremely compact with 24” rear tyres: 1,420 mm minimum width and just 1,230 mm height to steering wheel. 20” rear tyres will also be available as an option. The range features 44 HP to 55 HP Yanmar engines and comes in three models: X2.20, X2.30 and X2.40 STD or GE.

The new X4m Series:  Specially developed to replace the CL tractor family, the X4m Series is a new range of sturdy, simple tractors designed to deliver new levels of performance. The X4m Series incorporates advanced technical solutions that minimise operating costs while providing a perfect combination of ruggedness and reliability, making this tractor ideal for field tasks, haymaking, and transport operations.

Supplied in both two- and four-wheel drive configurations, the X4m is currently offered as an open-platform tractor; a cab version is slated to become available in future. The range features two different engine options: Perkins Tier3 for the X4.35m model and Deutz Tier4 Final for the X4.20m, X4.30m and X4.40m models. The engine hood has been redesigned to reflect the new McCormick family styling. Specially developed by Argo Tractors, the versatile Speed Four modular transmission with synchro shuttle offers four synchronized gears in three ranges providing 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds. A creep speed unit with 16 forward and 16 reverse gears and speeds as low as 300 m/h is available as an option. The 4WD version with an electro-hydraulic engagement of the four-wheel drive features a mechanical differential lock on the rear axle and a limited slip differential on the front axle. When the hydrostatic annular-piston rear brakes are operated, the four-wheel drive engages automatically, which in turn brakes the front axle for efficient braking on all four wheels.

New X50m:  Developed as an evolution of the C-Max, the X50m tractor range comprises three models with power outputs from 85 to 102 hp: the 20, 30 and 40. They are powered by the new Perkins 854E-E34TA 3.4L, four-cylinder, turbo-after-cooled engines meeting the Tier 4 Interim emission standards. Based on cutting-edge technology, these engines feature a two-valve cylinder head and a common rail injection system and deliver outstanding performance in terms of power, torque and fuel economy. The mechanical transmission with four speeds in three ranges (12FWD+12REV) offers a steering-column synchro shuttle and can be equipped with a creep speed unit and/or an overdrive. The transmission provides a maximum speed of 30 km/h on the 2WD models and of 40 km/h on the 4WD models. In addition, the 4WD version can be optionally equipped with a 12/12 power shuttle transmission featuring a shuttle modulation control for adjustment of the power shuttle response. Besides new more-efficient engines, the X50m range also offers received a brand new look.

The hood has been fully redesigned to reflect the new McCormick family styling and the cab interior has been refreshed to offer the operator higher levels of ergonomics and comfort. The X50m tractors come in both two- and four-wheel drive version with either a cab or an iso-mounted platform giving this range all the versatility to tackle a wide variety of farming tasks.

X6 Series:  The three models in the range are powered by the new Beta-power 4.5L engines with power ratings of 114, 121 and 133 hp. All engines meet the Tier 4 Interim emission standards using the innovative SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system to reduce exhaust emissions and feature the Power Plus system which boosts engine power to 121, 133 and 140 hp for PTO and transport applications.

The X6 tractors offer a compact design and an all-new modern and stylish four-post cab with an automotive-grade fit and finish for maximum comfort of operation. The main technical features of the X6 range include a new 36+12 Xtrashift transmission with a three-step powershift, an electronically-controlled rear hitch with up to 5400 kg lift capacity, an optional 4-speed PTO and an upgraded hydraulic system, which is offered either in standard configuration with a flow rate of 66 ltrs per min or  in closed-centre version (LS) with 110 ltrs per min flow rate. A front hitch and PTO are available as an option to enhance the tractor’s versatility. The X6 tractor range can be further equipped with a front axle and cab suspension to improve ride comfort on road.

X7 VT-DRIVE: The new X7 VT-Drive tractors offer the ultimate in style, technology, operator comfort and productivity. Five models in the range are all powered by the new Beta-power Fuel Efficiency four-and six-cylinder turbo engines with multivalve technology and common rail injection system. These engines meet Tier 4 Interim emission regulations using the SCR system, an exhaust gas after-treatment technology that reduces exhaust emission without compromising engine performance.

The X7 models with VT-Drive continuously variable transmission feature five engines with power ratings of 136, 150 and 166 hp for the four-cylinder and of 172 and 181 hp for the six-cylinder. The VT-Drive transmission is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that provides an infinite number of speed ratios from zero to the maximum speed permitted in the country of use. Both transmissions feature a left-hand steering-column power shuttle and are controlled electronically via pushbuttons located on the multi-function armrest. The electro hydraulically-engaged rear PTO features an exchangeable shaft providing 6 or 21 splines and offers four speeds 540/540E/1000/1000E rpm. The electronic control of the PTO always ensures smooth and modulated implement start-up. The system also incorporates PTO headland management to eliminate implement driveline damage when raising the machine . The electronically-controlled rear hitch with draft sensing on the lower links provides a maximum lift capacity of 9300 Kg and allows a precise control of the implement. 

New X8 VT-Drive Range: At McCormick high power has a name: X8. Boasting over 300 hp, the X8 tractor series combines true power with comfort and style. Specially designed for demanding contractors who work full time on farming businesses, X8 tractors have been developed with an eye to the functional potential offered by electronics and designed to seamlessly integrate future technologies.

To meet tomorrow’s challenges, the X8 series offers the operator a variety of high-grade features: automotive-style hood and fenders, a fully redesigned Premiere Cab with ergonomically-arranged, easy-to-use controls for the four-stage VT-Drive transmission, a bright DSM touchscreen monitor, a high-performance hydraulic system with up to 212 l/min flow rate and up to ten electro-hydraulic remote valves, and powerful Beta-power Fuel Efficiency engines capable of delivering up to 310 hp for the X8.680 model.